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Looking for a Havanese? 

You will likely find lots of "cute" Havanese sites on line, but  many may not be safe choices. Some may be "high volume breeders" (aka puppy mills) masquerading as having home-raised puppies. Others may be brokerage services. selling puppies for a variety of breeders. Often these types of sites do not stand behind their dogs, which may or may not be from genetically healthy parents. And, perhaps worst, there are scammers, who may not have puppies at all (just photos), or who have "stolen" legitimate names of parents to sell puppies of sketchy origins. Buyer Beware!  The Havanese Club of America website has educational information for puppy buyers - please check it out! 


The Breeders listed below are members in good standing of the Oregon Trail Havanese Club. Breeders may periodically have puppies or adult dogs available. OTHC does not recommend any specific Breeder, and takes no responsibility for agreements made with any Breeder. Potential buyers should research the breed and then ask specific questions of any Breeder prior to entering into a purchase agreement. 

Denise Bernt * Dream Land Havanese
Sutton, Alaska

Lynn Owens * Contigo Havanese
Sunriver, Oregon

Debbi Foust * Wysteria Havanese
​Grand Coulee, Washington

Becky Roeder  ​*  Rosalba Havanese
​Bozeman, Montana

Karen Huey * Wyntuk Havanese
Greater Portland area, Oregon

Roz Shroyer  ​*  MapleCreek Havanese
​Woodland, Washington

Martha Murray * Solstice Havanese

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Laura Vivalo * Grandview Havanese
Enumclaw, Wa​shington

Richard & Jeri Krokum * Shadybrook Havanese

North Plains, Oregon

Cindy Walker  * Andorra Havanese
​Deer Island, Oregon

Additional Resources

If you are still looking for the Havanese of your dreams, here are some alternative sources. Again, it is vital that you do your research before purchasing any puppy or dog.


Havanese Rescue, Inc:
HRI is a national rescue, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 


Cascade Havanese Club Breeder Directory:
CHC is the local Havanese club in the Seattle, Washington area. Only club breeder-members are listed.


Havanese Club of America Breeder Directory:
HCA is the AKC Parent Club for the Havanese breed. Only breeders who have been HCA members for 2+ years may be listed. 


AKC Marketplace:
Only AKC registered puppies may be listed. 

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