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Brushes & Combs


Pin brushes are usually used on longer hair. Many pin brushes on the market have little balls on the end of the pins, presumably added to protect the dog’s skin. Most people trying to maintain a long Havanese coat will not use a brush with these balls, as the balls can catch and break the long hairs.


Bass Bamboo Handle Pin Brush

“I LOVE this medium bamboo backed Bass brush and have used them for years...I have three or four at last count.”      sb


Chris Christensen Ice Slip 20 mm Pin Brush       

“ An excellent brush. Use with grooming spray and follow up with a comb.”         la

Chris Christensen Original Series Oblong Pin Brush        

“I like the 20 mm. pins on the pin brush even though it says they are for short coats. The pins are rounded on the ends and highly polished to go through the coat easily.”      kr

Kenchii Professional Metal Pin Brush Small

“This is my go-to pin brush. My hands have difficulty gripping well, and this brush has an ergonomic handle with a non-slip grip. And it does a great job on the coat”       mm


Mars Maxi Pin Professional Grooming Brush          

Recommended by fd






Slicker brushes have thin bent metal pins. Havanese owners who use slicker brushes usually want a very “soft” brush to keep from scratching the dog’s skin. You might carefully brush your own skin to see how soft the brush is. Beware - this writer has had a slicker draw blood (my own) multiple times! 

Bass Mini Soft Slicker Brush A 27 

“While a slicker isn’t my best friend, this one is lightweight, soft (as metal pins go) and has a great grip.”      mm


Chris Christensen Mark I Extra Small Slicker

The slicker brush has a nice handle with curves to fit your fingers.       kr

Miller’s Forge Extra Soft Slicker Brush    

A very popular slicker among Havanese owners. Downside - the handle has a joint near the brush head, and the joint can fail. Recommended by fd.

slicker brush_.png





Cafhelp 2 Pack Dog Combs with Rounded Ends     

Recommended by fd

Chris Christensen 5” Face and Feet Buttercomb     

“Great for getting out eye gunk and on feet. Just be careful around the whiskers or switch to a wider-spaced tooth comb.”     la


Chris Christensen 7.5” Fine/Coarse Long Tooth Greyhound-Style Buttercomb     

“Tried a cheaper option at first and there is no comparison. Should have for many years.”   la


Safari Pet Products Medium Coarse Metal Comb 

“These combs are cost-effective and I've used them for 20+ years!”      sb

Sensei Crescent Comb     

“This is my go-to comb for drying the dogs, working out mats - pretty much anything except when a tiny comb is needed (then I use that 5” Buttercomb).”    mm

4-pack Skypia Double-Sided Flea Combs

Ultrafine mini plastic combs recommended by fd

Untangler Super Groom Comb with Rotating Teeth   

“The teeth swivel so they don’t pull out hair.”       sr

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