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Coat Products


A long coat should be wet, or at least damp when grooming to prevent breakage. Some groomers use a grooming spray for this purpose.

Artero Mix Multiphasic Conditioner Spray      

“Scented so may not be for everyone, but does an excellent job at helping with removing mats and tangles; groomer recommended "holy grail" product.”      la

Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Detangling and Finishing Spray    

“Good for daily brushing and after bathing; can get the ready-to-use option or a concentrate.”     la

Chris Christensen Just Divine Dog Brushing Spray        

Recommended by fd



It would be so simple if one shampoo and conditioner worked equally well on all Havanese coats. Sadly, that is not the case. 


Chris Christensen Fresh Faced Tearless Facial Wash and Isle of Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo        

“I use these two just on the face - both are good.”      la



Chris Christensen Spectrum 10 Shampoo and Spectrum 10 Conditioner          

“Made a difference for my dog's difficult and sometimes frizzy coat”    la


Espana Silk Whitening and Brightening Shampoo and Espana Silk Protein Conditioner    

"These are my go-to products for shows, especially for dogs with thicker coats. It adds silkiness to the individual hairs for a flowing coat that doesn’t add poofiness, and helps keep staining at bay.”     mm

Mink Sheen 4 in 1 Pet Shampoo  

“This is especially great for puppies. Shampoo and conditioner in one, gentle on coats and contains citronella, which helps repel biting insects.”     mm


Pet Society Hydra Moist (Moisturizing) Shampoo and Conditioner      

“A great everyday shampoo and conditioner for many coat types. It can make the coat a little more poofy, so if your dog has a thick coat I don’t recommend it for show baths, but it can be great for thinner coats. It also doesn’t remove stains, so if your dog has some staining, start using stain-removing products a few weeks before he needs to look pristine.”    mm



Suave Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner      

“A 'human' product that does a very nice job of conditioning Havanese coats at a very reasonable price.”   mm

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